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Udacity - Facebook - Mobile Design and Usability,

Udacity is very excited to announce the latest in our new series of developer courses built in collaboration with Facebook! The new course is entitled Mobile Design and Usability, and is available for both iOS and Android developers. This launch follows on the heels of our Passwordless Login Solutions course, and with this new offering, the focus is on designing intuitive, user-centered mobile apps.

Human-Centered Design

Facebook is an ideal collaborator for these courses, and we love how Margaret Gould Stewart, VP of Product Design at Facebook, perfectly summed up what she refers to as “human-centered design” in a recent interview with Udacity:

“At Facebook, everything starts with the people for whom we’re designing—people all around the world. What are their aspirations, what are the challenges that they have in their lives and their communities, and how can we bring technology to them and design it in a way that they can assess it, and take advantage of it, and unlock value from it,. We aspire to practice human-centered design.”

Who Should Take This Course

If you’re a developer of any level of experience, it’s a given you care about the experience of your users, and you probably have an abiding curiosity about interactions between design and development. What you may not yet have, however, is experience with the tools and processes that enable you to truly build user-centered apps. That’s where this course comes in.

What You’ll Learn

Upon completing Mobile Design and Usability, you’ll have an established personal design process that is totally user-focused. You’ll have a clear understanding of why it’s critical to involve users early, and you’ll know how to use data collected from users to guide prototyping. You’ll have experience identifying and writing user personas, be familiar with different user testing methods, and you’ll even have completed your own user tests. In short, you’ll be ready to practice user-centered design!”

Course Details

The course features insight and guidance from experts at Facebook, who provide course instruction alongside Udacity’s iOS and Android teams. The course begins with Designing for Usability. You’ll learn how to conduct user research, develop use cases, and apply data to the prototyping process. You’ll then move to Usability Testing. You’ll explore different usability testing methods, and conduct actual user testing on an app. You’ll even learn how to use the insights you gather to inform future redesign efforts.

Every developer wants to create something that genuinely resonates with users, offers real value, and keeps users coming back. Adopting a user-centered approach, and learning the right tools and processes, is the best way forward to ensure you’re creating, as Margaret Gould Stewart says, “the right outcome for the people you’re designing for.”

Enroll in Mobile Design and Usability today, and learn from the experts at Facebook and Udacity how to deliver the best possible app experience for your users.


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Mobile Design and Usability for Android

Mobile Design and Usability for iOS

Mobile Design and Usability with Facebook from Udacity on Vimeo.

Christopher Watkins
Christopher Watkins
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