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Udacity and Facebook

There is a world of opportunity out there, but in order to build successful mobile experiences at scale, those experiences need to be simple and personalized. That’s why Udacity is so excited to announce we’re teaming up with Facebook to offer new courses for developers!

You’ll learn how to add key features to your app that support increased personalization, enable frictionless account creation, and provide a seamless user experience. Making quality connections with your customers is the key to your success, and these courses will give you the tools and skills you need to build engaging apps that are easy to use.

New Free Courses from Udacity and Facebook

Giving people a simple and easy sign-on experience is mission critical to the success of growing your app, and these free online classes will help you scale from here to everywhere. We’re combining Facebook’s expertise and Udacity’s groundbreaking online classroom experience to deliver actionable solutions to pressing mobile development challenges:

  • Give people a two-tap sign-in experience with Facebook Login. More than 10 million people every day enjoy the unrivaled speed and convenience of this social login product.
  • Expand to new markets using Account Kit powered by Facebook. Your customers can sign into your app with just their phone number or email—no passwords required.
  • Build products that optimize for usability. Simplicity and ease-of-use drive increased engagement, which in turn helps grow your business.

Helping Businesses Succeed

Facebook Login and Account Kit play critical roles in helping businesses succeed, like MedShr, winner of the FbStart Social Good App of the Year award in 2016:

“To be able to run a globally connected community of medical professionals, MedShr members need to be able to trust our service. Facebook Login provides a familiar environment, and reassurance that all user profiles are genuine and verified.”

MedShr was developed by a London-based cardiologist, and is a secure platform that allows verified medical professionals to safely discuss cases. By enabling doctors to share knowledge and skills, patient care is improved, and lives are saved.

Battletext, a North America-based gaming company, learned the importance of Facebook Login when they saw that users who logged in with Facebook were 50% more engaged than those who didn’t. But that still didn’t prepare them for the staggering results they experienced after integrating Account Kit in January 2017:

“We initially hesitated to include the phone number log in as an option. Thankfully, we decided to give it a shot. Our minds were blown. 44% of people choose phone number over email—they love this option! Since using Account Kit in addition to Facebook Login, we’ve seen sign-ups increase from 24% to 46%.”

Empowering A Developer Community

Udacity is especially thrilled to collaborate on these courses given Facebook’s goal of educating and empowering developers. We know firsthand from our Nanodegree programs that a passionate and engaged community is a huge driver of student success, and we’re excited that these courses will be made available to Facebook’s rapidly growing community of developers.

“We’re excited to provide a new learning opportunity to a developer ecosystem rich with talent and innovation. Our collaboration with Facebook aims to infuse this ecosystem with the tools and techniques developers need to spread innovation across the globe.” —Hillary Mickell, Senior Director of Global Partnerships, Udacity

This exciting new collaboration between Udacity and Facebook presents an incredible opportunity for developers. If you’re ready to build amazing apps, grow your business, and succeed on a global scale, then register today!


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Christopher Watkins
Christopher Watkins
Christopher Watkins is Senior Writer and Chief Words Officer at Udacity. He types on a MacBook or iPad by day, and either an Underwood, Remington, or Royal by night. He carries a Moleskine everywhere.