“At the end of the day, the true value proposition of education is employment.”
-Sebastian Thrun, Founder & CEO, Udacity

Udacity doesn’t just offer you an education, we invest in your education. Our standing commitment to pay half your tuition upon completion of your Nanodegree is clear evidence of this investment. But there’s more to it than that. Our Nanodegree program is literally built with your future in mind. Consider Career Advisor. Woven into the very DNA of your Nanodegree program, the Career Advisor segment of your curriculum is a step-by-step path for navigating through — and ultimately succeeding at — your job search. You receive 1:1 feedback to improve your resume and online presence, gain crucial interviewing experience as you practice answering behavioral & technical questions, and take part in workshops covering topics like networking and salary negotiation.

So not only do you step into your future with a rich portfolio of work that clearly demonstrates your proficiency and readiness, you do so with the practiced confidence of someone who knows exactly how to present themselves in the best career light possible.

We feel so strongly about the value of the Career Advisor initiative, that we are now making it available as a stand-alone offering.* So whether you’re pursuing a Nanodegree, or simply looking to seriously enhance your job search skills, Udacity has what you need. If, as Sebastian has so often said, the true value proposition of education is employment, then you need look no further than Udacity to find true value.

*We are launching initially for our Front End Web Developer students. Stay tuned for more news to come!