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Best of 2014: Udacity Edition

Thanks for making 2014 a Udacious year! While we were busy building Nanodegree credentials with industry leaders, you were busy learning new skills and advancing careers. Thanks for letting us cheer you on!

3 Top Notch Student Projects

Here are some of our favorite 2014 student projects!


Data visualization: the geography of American music

Beautiful, puppy-specialized website mockup

Are NYC subways more crowded when it rains?


Top 3 Nanodegrees

Our students were most interested in these three Nanodegree credentials, which industry employers built with us.


Data Analyst – by MongoDB, Facebook & more

Front-End Developer – by AT&T, Google & GitHub

iOS Developer – by AT&T & more


Top 3 New Courses

You made these three courses our most enrolled courses released in 2014.


Developing Android Apps – Built by Google

Programming Foundations with Python

Intro to Data Science


Top 3 Blog Posts

In 2014, you made these 3 blog posts our most popular blog reads.

DA beginner guide NL

8 Skills You Need to Be A Data Scientist

Python vs. Java: Udacity Instructor Weighs In

5 New Web Development Courses Open!


Congratulations on making 2014 a stellar year full of learning new skills and discovering new career paths. Let us know in the comments what your favorite 2014 learning moments were and what your goals are for 2015. We can’t wait to see what you do in 2015!