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Should I Learn Swift instead of Objective C?

Develop for the new Apple Watch with Swift


It’s no longer a secret. At today’s media extravaganza, Apple announced new iPhones and Apple Watches.
Three months ago, Apple announced a mammoth release of new beta tools for iOS developers: a new version of its iOS mobile operating system, and a brand new programming language called Swift.

Swift had come as a big surprise. Swift is Apple’s first new programming language in decades and is designed to replace the old language, Objective-C.

Why is it better to learn Swift than Objective-C? Apple explains it succinctly: “Swift makes it easier than ever for developers to create incredible apps.” Furthermore, anything you can do in Objective-C, you can do in Swift. The future of iPhone, iPad, and even Apple Watch app development is clear: Swift.Udacity is hard at work creating an iOS Developer Nanodegree, and Swift will be taught and used extensively throughout.

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