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5 New Web Development Courses Open!

We’ve been working hard to build the Front-End Web Developer Nanodegree, and are proud to open five courses for you to build your front-end developer skills!

Front-end developers create the interactive experiences that users love on the web; and fix the ones they don’t. As the bar for creating great user experiences rises, front-end development skills are increasingly in demand. If you’re interested in web development as a career, check out these resources.

Intro to HTML and CSS

Intro to HTML and CSS – New!

Learn HTML and CSS, the markup languages that are the building blocks of the web, and build your own responsive portfolio site.

JavaScript Basics

JavaScript Basics – New!

Learn JavaScript, the programming language of the web that will allow you to create interactive content. You’ll practice what you learn by building your own interactive resume.

object oriented JavaScript

Object-Oriented JavaScript – New!

Take your JavaScript skills to the next level with object-oriented programming, and write reusable and maintainable code libraries that will make your life easier.

How to use Git and GitHub

How to Use Git and GitHub – New!

Learn version control, a crucial skill for developers, in this course on Git and GitHub. You’ll get set up in GitHub, publish a repository and submit a pull request to a collaborative Create-Your-Own-Adventure story.

Website Performance Optimization

Website Performance Optimization – Upgraded!

Optimize your site for speed in this course by Google, where you’ll learn the details of how mobile and desktop browsers render pages.

See you in class!