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Check out our new data science course, Data Analysis with R! Exploratory Data Analysis, or EDA, is a method of summarizing and visualizing the important characteristics of a data set.

Learn with the Facebook Data Science team!

Learn with the Facebook Data Science team!

What does this mean? Basically, in this fundamental data science course, you’ll learn to look quickly and holistically at data as a first step in identifying trends in a data set, and you’ll learn do this with the programming language R.

Data analysts and data scientists use EDA all the time when looking at big data sets for the first time, as a way to figure out whether they want to do in-depth analysis on any interesting patterns.

Big data is everywhere — and so are fascinating patterns! Join instructors from the Facebook Data Science team to explore data sets from Facebook user data to diamond pricing data. For more data science courses, check out Udacity’s Data Science track, where you’ll learn what it takes to be a data scientist with Udacity and other partners including MongoDB and Cloudera.

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