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Udacity 2013 Yearbook

2013 was a great year with a lot of new milestones.  From our college credit pilots, to a full Masters in Computer Science degree, to the launch of our new industry-related tracks, starting with Data Science & Big Data, we’re looking forward to new innovations in 2014.

Full course experience


Starting in January 2014, we are proud to offer a full course experience to help you succeed! We offer ongoing feedback on your projects, guidance from coaches, and a verified certificate to help you advance your career in tech.

New professional tracks, starting with Data Science & Big Data


In our Data Science and Big Data track, you’ll learn how to harness the power of big data. Get started today with Intro to Hadoop and MapReduce, and stay tuned for Intro to Data Science, Data Wrangling with MongoDB, and Exploratory Data Analysis in February 2014.

Open Education Alliance


We’ve partnered with industry employers and educators in the Open Education Alliance to help bridge the gap between the skills employers need and what traditional universities teach.

Georgia Tech Online Master of Science in Computer Science

Georgia Tech

We’re incredibly excited to offer the first fully accredited, massive Online Master of Science in Computer Science from Georgia Tech in collaboration with AT&T.

2nd Annual Global Meetup


We had a great time meeting students around the world at the Udacity Second Annual Global Meetup in July 2013.