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Announcements - translation project

A Rose By Any Other Name

We want to wax poetic about the huge help you’ve given us with Udacity course translations! A rose by any other name, and Udacity courses in any other language, do indeed smell as sweet.


Thank you for udaciously translating our courses into 63 different languages, furthering our mission of bringing accessible, affordable, engaging and effective higher education to the entire world!


Interested in learning in different languages? Check out the closed captioning button, located at the bottom right of the lesson screen, to see what languages have been translated. Our most translated languages include Chinese, Spanish and Portuguese. Introduction to Computer Science, Programming Languages, How to Build a Startup, and Introduction to Statistics have been fully translated into Traditional Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese, Ukranian, and Spanish, respectively.

How are people translating our lessons? Working with Amara, an open source captioning and subtitling service, Udacity connects students to lesson videos that need translating. Click the link to create an account, browse the videos that need your help, and get started translating!

Thanks for broadening access for your fellow learners – as a special thank you to our contributors, we’re going to send out Udacity t-shirts to our busy top translators. We’re THISCLOSE to completing translations for some of these classes, so please pitch in and tell your friends! Sign up, start translating, and we’ll get in touch with your t-shirt!