Google AdWords FAQ

Program Highlights

  • Why should I enroll in this program?

    Arguably the most important specialization in today's digital marketing world is Google AdWords. In this program, you'll explore every facet of Google AdWords as you gain full mastery of the platform. You'll hone your skills by running real campaigns. You'll gather data, analyze and report on your findings, and learn to optimize for future campaigns. With the skills you gain in this program, you'll be uniquely positioned to excel at a digital marketing agency, manage Google AdWords for a small firm, or even go independent as a freelance digital marketer. You'll also be ready to successfully take the Google AdWords Certification, should you wish to add this to your portfolio of accomplishments. In 2016, nearly $80 billion was spent on advertising through this Google platform. This number will continue to rise, as will demand for Digital Marketers with Google AdWords expertise. This is an ideal program to master this very in-demand skill.

  • What kinds of topics will the program cover?

    Topics covered in the Google AdWords Nanodegree program include: Marketing Fundamentals, AdWords Fundamentals, Search, Display, Mobile, Video, and E-commerce Advertising. We will also cover each of the AdWords networks, best practices for campaign management, and targeting options in full detail.

  • What is the difference between the Nanodegree program, and the Self-Study option?

    The Nanodegree program is designed to be a full-immersion learning experience. You'll take courses, learn important tools and concepts, and build projects that enable you to put your skills to work in real-life contexts. You'll even receive small stipends that enable you to run actual paid campaigns on live platforms and receive detailed feedback on your projects from expert reviewers. This personalized review experience will inform your progress throughout the program. You'll also benefit from mentors who can provide on-demand guidance as you advance through the curriculum, and you'll join a community where you can engage with peers and instructors in real time. When you graduate, you'll receive a valuable Nanodegree program credential, and you'll receive career support to help you transition into professional roles. It's the perfect choice for someone who wants a full Google AdWords education, and whose goal is to pursue a full-time career in Paid Marketing/AdWords after graduation.

    The Self-Study model, on the other hand, is specifically designed for learners who want to master the latest skills and concepts in Google AdWords, but who don't either want or require the full measure of features that comprise the Nanodegree program offering.

    The Self-Study model provides access to all the world-class content, but projects, reviews, mentorship, forums, and career support, are not part of the offering. If you wish to forego a project-based approach in favor of direct curriculum access and an independent study approach, this is an excellent option for gaining Google AdWords skills.

  • If I enroll in the Self-Study version of the program, and then decide I want to enroll in the full Nanodegree program, what are my options?

    Students are encouraged to upgrade to the full Nanodegree program. The cost is an additional $350. Email to complete this request.

  • Will we have the opportunity to test out what we are learning in real-world environments?

    In the Nanodegree program, running live Google AdWords campaigns and analyzing and optimizing results is a part of the learning experience, and you'll benefit from the support of mentors and project reviewers as you advance through the program.

    In the Self-Study model, you'll master the same skills through access to the same content, but you'll use your own tools and platforms to apply those skills and test results, and you'll do so at your own discretion, without the support of mentors or reviewers. We encourage you to do this on a consistent basis as you progress through the content, as what you learn from your real-world tests and experiments will both inform your future efforts, and deepen your learning experience.

  • What jobs will this program prepare me for?

    Program graduates will be uniquely prepared to fill a wide variety of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) roles including, but not limited to: Google AdWords Specialist, Google AdWords PPC Specialist, Paid Marketing Specialist, SEM Coordinator, Account Strategist, and more.

    For market salary details, please visit Paysa.

  • I enrolled today, when will I have access to my program?

    If you enrolled in the Google AdWords Nanodegree program, you'll get access to the classroom as soon as the next terms begins. Terms open the second Monday of each month.

    If you enrolled in the Self-Study version of the program, you are welcome to start as soon as you enroll. The first two courses will be available starting December 12, 2017.

    Program Structure

  • What is a Nanodegree Program?

    To read more about our Nanodegree program structure, please refer to Udacity FAQ.

  • Is this program online, in-person, or some combination of both?

    The program is online, and students interact with peers, mentors, coaches, and instructors in our virtual classrooms, in forums, and on Slack.

  • Due to the online nature of the Udacity Classroom, will I need to be available online at specific times for my Google AdWords Nanodegree program?

    The Google AdWords Nanodegree program content is available online globally 24/7 in your Udacity classroom.

    Program resources (such as forums, Slack community and in-classroom mentors) are also available online.

    Specific online live events will be announced in advance. They are optional and will also be made available to all students after they occur.

  • Do you offer the opportunity for students to pause their studies for this program?

    No. The fixed-term nature of the Google AdWords Nanodegree program, and the need for maintaining a consistent and stable student body throughout, doesn't allow for offering the option to pause your studies.

  • Are either the full Nanodegree program or the Self-Study version self-paced?

    The Google AdWords Nanodegree program is a three-month program with fixed start and end dates. To succeed, you'll need to keep pace with your peers, and graduate on time. Over the course of the three-month program, you have some flexibility to manage your time, but you should plan on maintaining a consistent work pace throughout.

    In the Self-Study program, you can work at your own pace. The content will be available to you in your classroom for three months.

  • How many hours a week should I expect to spend on my coursework, in order to succeed?

    We estimate that investing 10 hours/week will enable you to successfully complete the Nanodegree program on time.

    In the Self-Study version of the program, you can proceed through the content at your own pace, but we recommend allocating a minimum of 4 hours/week over the course of three months to ensure the best learning experience.

  • Will I have access to the material even after the term ends?

    As a Nanodegree program student, you will retain access to the program materials for a period of time after graduation. Please note however, that students who leave the program—or who are removed from the program for failure to meet deadlines—prior to successfully graduating, will cease to have access.

    As a Self-Study student, you will have access to the content for three-months from your start date. There is an option to upgrade to the full Nanodegree offering for an additional $350.

  • What happens if I don't complete a Nanodegree program project on time?

    If you do not pass all the required Nanodegree program projects by the last day of your term, you will lose access to the program and content. You will also not be eligible for career services, events with hiring partners, or other career-related activities.

  • What are my options if I don't complete the Nanodegree program by the end of the term?

    If you do not complete the term by the term deadline, you will receive one free four-week extension, which will be automatically applied to your account. If you do not complete the term within the extension period, you will be removed from the program and will no longer be able to access course content. To resume access to the course, you would need to re-enroll in a new term and pay the associated enrollment fees again. Your progress will carry over, and you'll be able to resume where you left off.

    Deadline Policy

  • Note: The following does not apply to Self-Study students.

    When we use the term "deadline" with regards to Nanodegree program projects, we use it in one of two ways:

    • A final deadline for passing all projects

    • Ongoing suggested deadlines for individual projects

    It is very important to understand the distinctions between the two, as your progress in the program is measured against the deadlines we've established. Please see below for an explanation of what each usage means.

    A final deadline for passing all projects

    Passing a project in this context means that a Udacity Reviewer has marked your project as "Meets Specifications." In order to graduate, you have to pass all projects by the last day of the term.

    If you do not pass all projects by the last day of the term, the following happens: you will not be eligible for career services, events with hiring partners, or other career related activities.

  • Ongoing suggested deadlines for individual projects

    The deadlines you see in your classroom are suggestions for when you should ideally pass each project. They are meant to help keep you on track so that you maintain an appropriate pace throughout the program, and graduate on time.

    Please note that you can submit your project as many times as you need to. There are no penalties if you miss these deadlines. However, you will be at risk of not passing all projects on time if you miss these deadlines, and fall behind, so it is a recommended best practice to try and meet each suggested deadline.


  • Can you explain how budgets work for the live Google AdWords campaigns?

    As part of the Google AdWords Nanodegree program, you will have the opportunity to build and run live campaigns as part of your project work. You will have the option to use Udacity's AdWords account, with an assigned target, at no additional cost. Or, you may choose to run these campaigns on your personal or company AdWords account, at your own cost.

  • Is there a free trial period for this program?

    There is no free trial period for the Google AdWords Nanodegree program. Students in the Nanodegree program do have a 7-day window from the day you receive access to the program to un-enroll and request a refund. You can cancel your Nanodegree program and obtain a full refund within that 7-day window by going to the Nanodegree Programs section of your Settings page.

    There is no free 7-day trial or refund period for the Self-Study program.

  • Are there scholarships available for this program?

    All current scholarship opportunities are posted on our scholarships page.

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