Android Developer FAQ

Program Objectives

  • Why should I enroll in the Android Developer Nanodegree program?

    If you are a Java programmer who is interested in mastering the Android platform and building top-rated Android apps, this is the program for you. In this program, you’ll learn best practices for mobile development, build a portfolio of Android apps, and publish your own app to Google Play.

    Please see the Overview Page for more information.

  • What jobs will this program prepare me for?

    This program will prepare you for a job as a professional, junior-level Android Developer within a wide range of organizations and environments: from large corporations where you’d likely be part of a development team, to entrepreneurial start-ups and contract projects where you could be working independently to deliver an application.

Program Highlights

  • How is this program structured?

    This program consists of 4 core courses, comprising over 30 total lessons of learning content:

    There are 7 total projects in this program, which are designed to give you an opportunity to apply the skills you’ve learned in the lessons:

    1. Popular Movies App - Stage 1

    2. Popular Movies App - Stage 2

    3. Baking App

    4. Build It Bigger

    5. Make Your App Material

    6. Capstone Project - Stage 1

    7. Capstone Project - Stage 2

    Each project will be reviewed by one of the expert project reviewers in Udacity's reviewer network. Your reviewer will give you detailed feedback on your project, including in-line code review, highlighting any areas that you need to address in order to complete the project successfully. If you do not pass the project, you may revise your project and submit it again until you pass.

    This program also includes optional courses on technologies that you can use to build your Capstone project:

  • What happens after I complete the Android Developer Nanodegree program?

    Assuming you complete all program requirements, you will graduate and earn your Udacity Android Developer Nanodegree program credential!

  • Is this program self-paced?

    The monthly subscription option is entirely self-paced.

    The flat fee payment option has a fixed start and end date (8 months from the date you enroll), and all project requirements must be met by this end date. However, projects may be submitted at any time during this 8-month window, and individual project deadlines are recommendations, not requirements. This means that you may work at your own pace within the 8-month window as long as you complete all requirements by the end date.

Tuition / Payment

  • How much does the Android Developer Nanodegree program cost?

    There are two payment options:

    • Flat Fee Payment: You may purchase eight (8) months of access to the Nanodegree program for a flat fee of $1,199. You will not receive any refund, pro rata or otherwise, if you complete the Nanodegree program before eight (8) months.
    • Monthly Subscription: You may purchase a monthly subscription to the Nanodegree program for $199 per month. You must have a minimum of one (1) month of paid enrollment to qualify for graduation. It takes the average Udacity student eight (8) months (at approximately 10 hours per week) to complete the program, for a total average program cost of $1,592.
  • Which payment option makes better financial sense for me?

    There are a number of factors to consider, but time is probably the most impactful. On average, most of our students allocate 10 hours per week to their studies. The one-time payment of $1,199 is accordingly the better financial choice, as that breaks down to $148.88 per month over the 8-month program duration. This saves students approximately $50/month vs. the $199 monthly subscription option. However, if you are able to commit significantly more time than that on a weekly basis (20 hours or more), you can in theory complete the program sooner, thereby saving yourself money over the long term.

  • If I opt for the one-time payment option, and then finish sooner than 8 months, will I receive a partial tuition refund?

    No, you will not receive any pro rated refund if you complete the Nanodegree program before eight (8) months.

  • Is there a free trial period for this program?

    • There is a 7-day free trial period for the monthly subscription option.
    • There is a 7-day refund guarantee for the flat fee payment option. You may cancel your Nanodegree program and obtain a full refund by going to the Nanodegree Programs section of your Settings page.
  • If I choose the flat fee payment option, can I switch to the monthly subscription option later?

    You may only switch to a monthly subscription option if you are within the 7-day refund period of the flat fee payment option and cancel within that 7-day period (to request a refund, please go to your settings.) After canceling, you can re-enroll using the monthly subscription option. After seven days there is no cancellation or switch available.

  • If I choose the flat fee payment option and don’t complete the Nanodegree program within the given window, what can I do?

    If you choose the flat fee payment option and do not complete the Nanodegree program within the given 8-month window, you may begin a monthly subscription after your 8-month window ends in order to retain access to the content. You do not need to start the curriculum over again; your prior progress will carry over to the new monthly subscription.

  • If I choose the monthly subscription option, is there a minimum number of months I need to enroll in order to graduate?

    You must be enrolled and in good standing for at least one (1) month in order to graduate.

  • Can I pause my studies during this program?

    Students who choose the flat fee payment option will not be able to pause their program.

    Students who choose the monthly subscription option will be able to pause their program.

  • Are there scholarships or financial aid available?

    Scholarship opportunities are posted on our scholarships page.

Program Content and Prerequisites

  • How do I know if I’m ready for this program?

    The best way to see if this program is for you is to check out our free Developing Android Apps course. This is the first course in the program. If you are comfortable taking this course, you should be ready to enroll in the Android Developer Nanodegree program.

    If you are not ready for this intermediate-level program, or if you are new to programming, please check out our Android Basics Nanodegree program instead of the Android Developer Nanodegree program.

  • What topics will the program cover?

    Please refer to the program syllabusfor a detailed list of projects, lessons and topics.

  • How are you developing the curriculum, and who are your partners?

    Udacity developed this program in partnership with Google.

  • What are the prerequisites for this program?

    In order to succeed in this program, we strongly recommend that you are proficient in Java. We use Java exclusively for our example code and require you to submit your coding in Java.

    If you are proficient in another object-oriented programming language like Python or C++, you should be able to complete the program successfully as long as you are comfortable learning Java throughout the program.

    You also must have experience working with and sharing code using Git and GitHub. If you lack this background, we recommend the following courses:

    If you are new to programming and want to get started developing Android apps, we recommend you check out our Android Basics Nanodegree program.

  • What can I do today to ensure I'm ready to succeed in the program?

    If you want to give your skills a refresh, or start in on some advanced preparation, feel free to browse some of the free course materials that are included in the Android Developer Nanodegree program prior to enrolling. (Note that while the course videos and quizzes are free, you must enroll in the Nanodegree program in order to access code-reviewed projects, moderated forums, classroom mentors, 1-on-1 coaching, and other Nanodegree program support resources, and to earn a Nanodegree program credential.)

  • What is the Google Associate Android Developer Certification exam, and how does it relate to this program?

    Google offers the exam as an opportunity for aspiring Android Developers to earn Google certification of their job-ready skills. They consider the certification to be “a definitive step on your path to a career as an Android developer.” We have built the Android Developer Nanodegree program in partnership with Google, and our curriculum aligns with the skills you need to successfully pass the exam. You are encouraged to pursue Google certification if you feel it will advance your career aspirations.

  • Do I need to take Google’s Associate Android Developer Certification Exam in order to complete the Nanodegree program?

    No. Google’s Associate Android Developer Certification Exam is an optional supplement to our core curriculum, and is designed for students who seek additional affirmation of their readiness as an Android developer. You can learn more about the certification here.

  • When will I be ready to take Google’s Associate Android Developer Certification exam?

    After you complete the first 3 projects, including the required supporting coursework, you will be ready to take Google’s Associate Android Developer Certification Exam, if you choose to do so.

    You can purchase the option to take the exam at any point. This certification is entirely optional and will not affect your Nanodegree program graduation requirements. You can learn more about the certification here.

Technical Requirements

  • Do I need any special equipment to take this program?

    All students will need a modern personal computer that is capable of running Android Studio. Please see the System Requirements listed on the Android Studio download page and ensure that your computer meets these minimum requirements.

  • Do I need an Android device to take this program?

    Access to an Android device is helpful, but not necessary. You may use the emulator in Android Studio to run your apps if you do not have a physical Android device.

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