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Gain free access to the Alteryx platform and build in-demind analytics skills today!
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Program Overview

ADAPT is a program by Alteryx in partnership with Udacity to engage, encourage, enable, and elevate individuals enduring the hardships of unemployment through the means of providing access to cutting edge analytic tools, an automation platform, learning resources, knowledge, and an entire Community of peers.

Through this program, we hope to reach out to 100,000+ individuals seeking opportunity to skill up in the world of analytics. Any individual who has found their employment status effected by COVID-19 may apply to the program.

Work hard to progress through your Nanodegree program during the promotional month for a chance to win one of 600 scholarships for the complete Nanodegree program.

ADAPT Program Benefits

ADAPT was created to help professionals overcome financial hurdles traditionally in place for working and upskilling in the world of Analytics. Upon acceptance into the program, recipients will receive:

  • Access to the entire Alteryx Community, its experts, user groups, and Alteryx for Good Program
  • Free access to a three-part course to take users from new industry users to familiar with the fundamentals of data science:
  • A free 6-month license of Alteryx Designer (3 months upon program approval, another 3 months after the Core certification is passed)

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Alteryx hopes to upskill 100,000+ individuals in the world of analytics through the ADAPT program

Registration Closed

Registration for this program is no longer open. Please click below to learn more about future scholarship opportunities with Udacity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

See below for program FAQs
  • How will the full Nanodegree program scholarships be awarded?

    After the initial promotional month of the program ends, 600 follow-up scholarships will be provided for the Udacity Predictive Analytics Nanodegree program. Students will be evaluated based on the progress made during the promotional month.

  • How many spots will be available?

    Upon completion of the promotional month, Udacity will provide 600 scholarships split in three waves (200 scholarships per each cohort).

  • What is the timing of the full Nanodegree program scholarships awards?

    A total of 600 scholarships will be awarded in three waves (200 scholarships per each wave): September 9, November 2, 2020 and February 4, 2021. Winners will be notified by email.